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This site is under construction. If you're interested in working with Clarke Information Systems, please email Tyler Clarke at You can also view Tyler's website at

Wait, what?

Clarke Information Systems is a company that does computer stuff. We mostly build websites and corporate software, but our skill set is diverse enough to build almost any software solution.

You claim to be a web development company, but your main page is this ugly?

Hush, Tyler built this in five minutes in GNU Nano over SSH. We're working on making it stylish, conformant, fast, fancy, etc. We'll also have a products page and a list of our previous customers, assuming they're publicly available and willing to be listed here!

This looks illegal. Is this illegal?

No, this is what websites look like if you don't put any styles in them. ClarkeIS specializes in website development without the overhead of things like WordPress (saving time and money, and making your websites perform faster and with more customizability), but this means that, if we're hacking together a website in a TTY text editor in 5 minutes, it isn't beautiful.

Rest assured we do know what we're doing, and will in fact have a nice website built here as soon as we get off our lazy bums.

We're only lazy when we aren't being paid.

Who works here?

It's mainly Tyler, but he knows a few artists and web developers that he subcontracts occasionally. He's pretty good at this, though - not to brag, that is!

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